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Teambuilding Mentor=PHP-
"People Helping People" "PHP" That's our Lifestyle.
"Success is the most unselfish goal you can ever set for yourself because you can't be a success without helping other people."

As a retired physician, I still want to help people take advantage of the "American Dream" with better health & wealth to the glory of God. If you can appreciate this kind of "Mind Set", if you want this kind of "Paradigm Shift", come join us for the best "ride" of your life!
Get Your FREE $20.
The world wide economic slump is creating a "watershed" of "Homebased Opportunity"! The "Power of Networking" is creating fortunes like never before! Companies like VISA, MASTERCARD, ETC. who spend billions to advertise WILL PAY YOU to advertise for them. Now, a "simpleton" can use their money [O.P.M.] to get the tools/systems that level the playing field and create his fortune now in months that use to take years.

WILL YOU BE ONE?? Are you coach-able?
[Do You have as much sense as God gave a goose?
Can you follow the leader & become 87% more effective?]
Not unless you get the tools to LEVERAGE your efforts. Extended your influence by applying "O.P.M", OTHER PEOPLES MONEY, "O.P.E".-Other People's Energy, "OPI" Other People's Intelligence toward your goals. Learn to build your dreams "with" other people, become "others" centered. Put other people first and watch your life change! It's God's promise to you. Isa.58 Stop being self centered. Learn to put others first and "Change Your Life" forever!
What worked just a few years ago will not work today. That’s why it’s so important that you take time now to get the right company, the right system, AND the right TEAM.

OUR SYSTEM![Are you as Smart as a 5th Grader?]
Our team is set to become one of the fastest growing on the internet and we are 100% committed to the success of each and every new person who joins us. No-one gets left behind. Our [PHP] People Helping People system gives our people the option of a "no cost" startup. {VISA pays YOU. FREE $20!} We have the best training, support, tools, email blaster/autoresponder system and everything you need including the "feeder program" that pays you to give away $20 to your prospect, to FINALLY be successful in this great industry. Get the "whole story" NOW! Be patient, listen to the whole presentation.

DON'T GET LEFT BEHIND! Don't struggle any longer!
Please take a moment to subscribe to my newsletter or just give me a call or send me an email anytime. I would love to speak with you and help YOU set up your game plan to SUCCESS.

COMMUNICATE WITH ME so we can get you on "Fast Start". You can use my money if need be. I look forward to speaking with you soon!
Dr. B.
PH. 210-867-5687,
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